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Intuitive Artist, Teacher and Healer

Angel Healing®

Angel Healing®

What is Angel Healing®?

Angel Healing® is a heart-based healing modality that brings us into direct communication with the Angels and our own Angelic Presence. The system was brought forward in 2009 through Calista MacGillivray under guidance from Archangel Raphael and Archeia Virtue – the angel of truth and healing. Combining health and empowerment techniques from the angelic realms, this beautiful course opens the door to knowing your divinity and living its grace every day.

Receiving a treatment of Angel Healing® can create profound shifts in consciousness, as well as increase health, well-being and a sense of coming home. Whether upliftment is the intention, or healing, deeper clarity, joy or love, the angels can hold sacred space and reflect whatever is highest and best to be received in the moment. The Angels come through in every session to support you to make the changes that will best support you and your life.

Angel Healing® is the registered form of angel therapy in the UK, and is growing worldwide with certified teachers now in the UK and USA. It is the only angelic system that brings in, and directly attunes practitioners to both the Archangels and the Archeiai (female Archangels) to support your ascension in the current Aquarian Age.

What is involved in Angel Healing® treatment?

Each treatment of Angel Healing™ is as sacred as it is profound with sessions catered to meet the intentions of the recipient. In each treatment, a trained practitioner connects to the Angel Presence and Guardian Angels of the recipient and along with their own angelic guides brings in Angelic energy to where is best needed, be that on a physical or non-physical level. The practitioner partners with 17 Archangels and 17 Archeiai specific to Angel Healing® and brings in their healing, love and guidance in a particular way that is taught throughout the course. An Angel Healing® treatment may also include the use of angelic symbols, card readings, intuitive channelling and angelic sound healing to best cater for the recipients’ intentions.

Is Angel Healing® different from Reiki?
Yes, it is different from Reiki, Angel Reiki and Angelic Reiki. Angel Healing® draws from the Resonance and Divine consciousness of particular Archangels and Archeiai, whilst Reiki draws from the Universal Energy that makes up life. You could say that Reiki is more a grounding vibration while Angel Healing® is finer and more connective. Both modalities originate from Source, yet their vibration differs and brings about healing and empowerment in different ways.

Is Angel Healing® different from other angelic systems?
Yes, Angel Healing® is a unique modality that was created to evolve the existing knowledge of the angelic realms and to be flexible to keep ascending as humanity does. Unlike other angel programs that focus mainly on the Archangels, Angel Healing® brings in a host of angelic beings, including the Archeiai (the Divine Feminine Archangels) that mirror not just the love/light facets of humankind, but the whole spectrum of human conditioning so we can heal and become empowered on all levels of being.
Angel Healing® aims to dispel fear, judgement, self-limitation and religious conditionings that have often placed angels outside of reach. The course levels build upon each other, supporting you to bring the angels into your daily life, to appreciating yourself as equal to them and in time, merging with their essence and virtues to become the embodiment of an angel.

What are the benefits of an Angel Healing® treatment?
Angels, like our Spirit guides, understand that humankind never needs ‘healing’ as they appreciate we are perfect Divine beings at core level; yet they understand that living a physical life with free will can bring challenges and conditionings that separate us from feeling divine, building up resistance and dis-ease in our being. And it is this conditioning that the angels help us to liberate when we are ready. In this way, receiving Angel Healing® can unblock whatever feels stuck in your life, whether that's within your relationships, finances, career, physical health, or provide greater health, well-being and freedom of being in the doing so. Above all, the recipient always receives a treatment as directed by their own intentions and Higher Self.

Appointments are in Person or via Distance, and can be booked with an optional extra of a 30 minutes Angel Card Reading to address further issues or questions