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Intuitive Artist, Teacher and Healer

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Distant Reiki and Angelic Healing - (3 x 20 minute sessions)


Reiki and Angelic Distance Healing 3 x 20 minutes sessions

Distance Healing is just as effective as a Hands on session. Some of my clients have reported having had experienced some very profound moments while receiving distant Reiki and Angelic Healing, such as seeing or feeling angels with them, seeing colours, seeing my guides or their own. On top of that they have received the benefits of the healing.

When I send distant healing I prefer to work with a photo of the person requesting the healing, I am totally focused on you and have found it to be very powerful. During this time I may receive messages from the spirit world and information for you which I will pass on to you after the session.

I will try and schedule a time where you can be aware when it will happen, so it doesn't matter where you are in the world as I will try and link in a time to suit us both. I have done many sessions for people in England, Scotland and Ireland.

Once payment is received I will schedule a healing session within 3 days of payment. I will require you to send me a photo of yourself and you may request a distant healing for a loved one or a friend, however you will need to ask their permission and send me their photo instead.

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