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Intuitive Artist, Teacher and Healer

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Aura Soul Drawing with 500 words Psychic Reading


Aura Soul Drawing with One A4 Page Psychic Reading (500 words)

Aura Drawings are done on quality paper in chalk pastels, the size of the drawing is 50cm x 65cm 

These drawings are very comprehensive, the drawings contain what I can see and feel around your aura including, your aura colours, chakras, spirit guides, angels and other beings of light, animal totems and symbols, spirit, past lives. (Up to 5-6 of your spiritual team as well as Chakra and Aura info) You will also receive a 500 word reading with messages, psychic impressions about your drawing

As I am a channel for spirit and the angels all drawings are embedded with healing energy, love energy, light energy, dna codes etc to help raise your vibration, you will find the drawings and messages uplifting and empowering. The readings are to benefit your souls growth.

After payment has been made please email me your full name and a recent photo of yourself to [email protected] The photo must contain just you, a head and shoulder works best with (no sunglasses). I will schedule the drawing into my workload upon request/payment. These drawings and readings are progressive so please be patient. My current waiting list is 3- 6 weeks .

I am unable to offer this size in person as the drawings and readings are progressive as I tune into many different elements and can take me several hours/days.

FREE SHIPPING - Postage and Packaging is included in the price for worldwide. I look forward to be of service to you in this way.

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