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Intuitive Artist, Teacher and Healer

Spirit Guide, Angel, Inner Goddess and Aura Drawings with Psychic Readings

You are surrounded by a team of spiritual helpers which include spirit guides, teachers, helpers, angels, elementals, extra terrestrials and other light beings. Animals act as guides also. I have the ability to tune into your energy and draw your guides, angels, and animals etc. I am an energy channel so when I tune into your energy I am channelling your guides etc, this energy is transposed into your drawing, many people have a profound connection to their drawing, the drawing itself is energetically coded with healing energy and other vibrations required to help with your soul growth. Check out just a few of my Testimonials .

I offer spiritual and psychic drawings in the following sizes and they available for purchase from the Shopping Cart

1) Medium A3 - A medium-sized drawing of your Spiritual guide, Angel, Inner Goddess or Spirit Animal Totem. This is usually is a portrait (face) only with a brief message from your guide. The size of the drawing is 29.74cm x 42cm. Cost is only $85 and includes postage and packaging worldwide. I offer this size only during Psychic Fairs and Festivals or online via ZOOM.

2) Large Guide Drawing with animal Totem - A large drawing is more elaborate and detailed. These drawings will feature one of your guide or angels, Inner Goddess and includes an A4 page reading or message and insights from your guide. Larger drawings also contain an animal totem spirit and other symbolic images. Large drawings are 65cm x 50cm. Cost is $130 and includes postage and packaging to any where around the world. This option is Online only I do not offer these in person due to the time.

3) Aura Soul Drawings

Option A - $250 includes drawing with one A4 page reading/info sheet and postage worldwide

Option B - $350 including a 2000+ word Reading/Info sheet and postage worldwide

This option is Online only I do not offer these in person due to the time.

4) Soul Paintings - are a new concept/service Ive developed and am now offering, they are completed on artist quality paper or canvas panels. I use Watercolours, Inks, Acrylics, Watercolour Crayons, Gold, Silver and Copper leaf. They are very individual and unique. Please refer to my shopping cart for details and options.

5) Painting Commissions - I offer paintings in Acrylic or Oil paints on canvas from $300 - $800 depending on canvas size and nature of project. Please email me to discuss. Payment plans are available on original Paintings.

After payment has been made, please email your full name and a photo of yourself to [email protected] The image must contain just you. A photo of your head and shoulders works best with no sunglasses on. I will schedule a drawing within 3 to 10 working days of receipt of payment. Blessings, Rachel

My current waiting list is 6-8 weeks on Psychic drawings but it does changes from week to week depending on my schedule, demand and family commitments.

*Due to the time and energy I put into Drawings and paintings there are no refunds sorry.

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